just the once-a brandING

Mr. Rassogulla(an Indian dessert) started his business of ‘delicious sweets’ on his own with a small chunk of penny in his pocket. After a while his efforts started paying him back, surpassing over his break-even. The entire ‘mohalla’-(in hindi) community/surrounding you started knowing him and his business for his quality deserts. No households in the entire ‘mohalla’ would prefer any other shop for desserts.However after an era Mr. Rassogulla son took over his business and wanted to expand. But on a sad note they failed. Mr. Rassogulla son did a whole a lot of research in terms of they quality, service, pricing, etc and to a wonder the resultant was outrageous. People all these while knew ‘delicious sweets’ only for the name of that ‘nukad wala mithayei ka dukan’(dessert shop at the corner of the street) that too famous within the locality only.

Then he started with letting the people know about the name of the shop-Mr. Rassogulla’s ‘delicious sweets’. Thereafter any customer coming to his shop was made to recite the name of the shop, however that didn’t worked because may be some of they were in a hurry, many didn’t wanted to recite.Consequently, Mr. Rassogulla son came up with a concept first to :

  • Make visible his shop’s name to all customers,
  • Handed over them the visiting cards to every customer that comes-in,
  • Poly-bags with name of the shop printed were given along with every purchase,
  • Bills were given on the slip viewing the shops name,

before expansion, to build his “corporate branding” and this created history.The same story may be followed/following/or yet to be followed by many entrepreneurs. “Corporate Branding” is incredible to build your brand/business stand out of the mob. This is not a new concept however what is new is ………what we provide.

Just making logo, brochure, visiting cards, letter heads, leaflets, design bags is not what is called to create “corporate branding”.Image

“Corporate Branding” is to design all these understanding your business, your USP, your customers, your competitors and your exceptionality