images (15)                                                 It began on 12 June, with a group stage, and concluded on 22 July with the championship match Germany won the title by defeating Argentina 1–0 after extra time,  thus becoming the first European team to win a World Cup in the Americas.

In a letter to employees, the company’s CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has announced its biggest-ever job cut, giving a jolt to its almost 18000 employees and the dependents. 

Where the real world is concerned about the key to the aviation mysteries, the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on Thursday over Ukraine comes just 131 days after the disappearance of Flight 370. That Boeing 777 is presumed to be on the floor of the Indian Ocean but, without any scrap of wreckage found.

Meanwhile in the Animation planet, Women in Animation (Wia) has launched a professional mentoring program designed to empower, educate and support mentees by increasing their industry knowledge and access to information through relationships with experienced talent.

Comic-Con is looming and Disney and Lucas film are looking to make a big splash at the show with their upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels.

There are also some other goodies bagged for the companies into animation industry, the size of the global animation industry was about USD 222 billion in 2013. The major animation markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea and Germany. Most of the segments in the animation industry are growing at the rate of 7% YoY. The outsourced 3D animation companies in India, China and Philippines’   production market is increasingly being tapped by North American and European film and television program   producers. The rapid advancement of technology has made computer animation available to the masses and the animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The demand for animated entertainment has expanded with the increase in broadcasting hours by cable and satellite TV along with the growing popularity of the Internet. In the past, animation series were aimed at children aged nine and below. In recent years however, TV stations have been producing animation series for teenagers, adults and the whole family.

The animation and gaming industry has shown resilience in the face of the current economic downturn, over the years, the Animation & Gaming industry has seen the entry of many global majors who have tapped into India’s talent pool for offshore delivery of services. Companies have also started to focus on improving quality and the creation of original. New business models have evolved in the marketplace, to successfully tackle current challenges The Animation & Gaming industry is a significant user of technology, and can further showcase India’s well established credentials in the technology and services offshoring space, in addition to playing a seminal role in developing India’s domestic media and entertainment industry.

Hence, the people in and around the animation planet can pat on the back to create a different world for them to relish……