I was a thought of my creator, a beautiful imagination of my originator, a piece of sketch of a designer and a final classic master stroke of an artist.

 I took ages to emerge in front of the world. The process of my birth was not easy, I was a proud ‘thought’ for my ‘creator’ which made confident for my emergence, believe me I was a very stubborn embryo. It took a lot of endeavor for my designer to develop me into a bare illustration. My ‘artist’ had to sacrifices his all pleasures for me, to make me feel privileged  in order to avoid my tantrums and bring myself effortlessly down to the podium. Conversely, this is not my over-confidence but I am in fact exceptional that is why I accept as true- I am here and not my other contenders.

Since after my confinement my master received all that he desired and deserved. Even I was appreciated at times from the spectators. Years passed by with the same story and I was getting elder-older by the time. And finally a day came(the whole journey of my life was running as a flash back in my mind)  when I was struggling for my own existence…..

I don’t censure by creator for my piece of affliction because by this time I too have implicit anything that gets origin will certainly pass away, however only one question came to my wits…Was I only a ladder for you?

A story of rough craft lying somewhere-finding questions for his charisma after a long glorious journey…





Ideally sitting a day…a thought came running in my intellectual vein. A thought to do something poles apart , a thought to do something resourceful , a thought to enthuse , a thought to discover and a thought to innovate something out of this earth.

It was just a baby notion to do something superlative which no one else did in the world ever prior to this. Then slowly scrolling like a baby, my thoughts started taking baby steps to proceed in the direction towards the destination  and trust me it was not a straightforward be in motion….lots of setting up, research, survey, efforts and strategies was required to make things happen as it looks identical to your eyes now.

In the process of thinking, involves the creation and maintenance of a plan. This thought process is essential to the creation and refinement of a sketch. Then, creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge called research was carried out. Thereafter, vigorous determined attempts were made to elaborate the design and finally the human attempt to get to desirable ends with available means entitle as strategy in terms.

It’s not always that simple as it looks in our granny’s stories about triumph populace. All lots of backend arrangements and cooking are required for any such episode to make live. This is all what depict an existence of artist and their vocation….

Why your logo is  effectual enough to craft your brand uniqueness ???

 Do you know, your logo can speak!! Oh yes,a company’s  LOGO speaks a lot about the company.Now its our choice to decide the script for your logo. It often serves as the first impression of your business to any potential customer or clients. Because of these factors, we consider the logo to be the most important aspect of a company’s branding and marketing image. The most important things you can do for your business or website is designing a great logo. A good logo communicates the anticipated message to your audience without additional explanation or context.

So, what makes a great logo?

There are some trouble-free steps to be followed:

  • Create a unique simple concept while retaining its impact.
  • Craft is as to be most memorable.
  • Longevity is what you should strive for; logo should be effective with the timeline.
  • Ensure flexibility with the logo to work across various media and within different contexts. 
  • Understanding your target audience and the product/service for creating an effect logo design.

This might not be adequate to achieve all the accomplishment, on the other hand it all that can make your logo verbalize superior about the company. 

I am a maker of thoughts & the ideas
swimming in a gleaming deep sea of imagination…
A magician of all sorts of magic; which can turn wonder thoughts into Original masterpiece.
Each creation will tell you my own personal journey and my experiences.
My worries, dreams and ambitions, Everything I love & everything I fear is my source of inspiration…
All that I was yesterday and all that I will be tomorrow is in my vision and you can find it in my magnificent creation
When you peek over my work, you will get a glimpse of my soul
Every piece I create is a part of me
I march to my own beat & dance to my own rhythm 
Passion run through my veins as emotions are my fuel for my craft
Certain pieces I protect to myself, while others I will share with the world
I am creative bonfire shining my light brightly in the universe.
I am into everything and can rolled everything into one amazingly, talented unique Piece.
I am “ART HOUSE MEDIAWORKS”…and we are “Artist”…Image

Is it measurable…If not then you cannot improve it…



I am talking about your Start Up. There are few major variables that will make big difference to the future result. The key variables are needed to understand and optimize for a successful business. The most crucial thing is to know the key variables and to how to measure them and then how to act on the result.

There are few questions you need to answer yourself:

  • Is my business financially viable?
  • What is working well and what needs to be improved?
  • What lever should management focus on to drive the business?
  • CEO must think before hitting the accelerator or the brake? So before racing or braking think twice…
  • What is the impact of the profit/loss of hitting the accelerator?

One need to keep in mind that service industry is different as revenue comes over an extended period of time. If the customer is happy, then he will stick with you for longterm and inflow of the money will delight you. But in case you left the customer with an unhappy face then they will churn out quickly and the business will likely to lose money on the investment you made to retain that customer. There are two aspects of sales i.e. acquiring customer and retaining them.

The 3 keys to success in service industry:

  • Acquiring Customer
  • Retaining Customer
  • Monetizing customer

One need to keep a track in customer churn, as customer churn is different from Revenue churn.

For e.g. you have lost 50 small accounts and 10 larger accounts. Here customer churn is more in first case but revenue churn is more in second case. Thus you can see the difference out here. So keeping track for the customer churn account is very important.

Acquiring customer doesn’t mean just to have new accounts, it’s like filling a leaked bucket, what you have to do is to seal the leaked bucket first and then fill it with pure water.


Today I was reading an article about rejection. I am not talking about the rejection of the lovers; it’s about the rejection of marketing person. Rejection in love is much better than a rejection in Market field.

Trust me its true….Being a marketing person and also a lover; I can compare the difference.

Business Networking is one of the most important and crucial part in the Business. As your networking grows, it indicates the growth of your business.

Networking is just like: liking a girl, trying to communicate with her, Exchange of words between both to know each other, and then finally proposing her for your love. But the way you proposed her will decide whether she will say “Yes or No”.

I know rejection is horrible and marketing people are really afraid of that. And that is the reason few of us or most of us run from it.

Every one of us had faced this rejection at some point of time. But don’t you think this make us stronger and lead us to grow more. Rejection is just like a teacher which polishes us and tells us the mistake; so that we can rectify that for the next time.

So don’t be afraid and keep proposing the right girl with right approach, if she says No then try to find out where you were wrong. So, that next time you can just get into her heart directly. So, be friend with the word “Rejection” and you will find that it will bring goodwill to you.


Few months back someone asked me to explain Art House Mediaworks.
I don’t know I was finding it difficult to explain. It’s so simple to explain a company; normal small start up with 20 – 30 employees, 4 years old with excellent skilled people to work for. But is this what a company really mean or this is what Art House Mediaworks meant to the founders.
But when I encounter with the real facts, and gave a deep thought about it. It reminded me of something; i.e. a village in Andaman & Nicobar which I visited in the year 2008, from the main island it was almost 6 hrs. We had to travel the whole journey by a simple wooden made boat which was running with the help of a corroded noisy engine. Fortunately or unfortunately the whole journey took 9 hrs because of the blocked channels in the river which happened during the tsunami. Finally after reaching the village I and my dad encountered with a crowd of approx. 60 -70 people; as if some President is visiting there place. Then later; came to know that the village had only 80 houses and the population of village was may be max 90 or 100.And it’s been years no one out this village had visited them. I can see their happiness in their eyes.
But when I came to know that there is no electricity in the village and no mobile network and no sewage system and all; I was furious on my dad at that time…But still remember the lady who use to cool me by using a hand fan the whole night, still remember an old man “Narayan uncle” who become our story book for those two days. He was about the age of 80s but trust me his energy was none less than a youngster.
Finally after two day I came back to my normal life. I was done with my holidays and reached Pune back. After few months my dad informed me that the village has electricity now. That old man Narayan uncle went to town, learnt about bio gas technology and introduced it to the villagers. From that I came to know one thing situation doesn’t matter if you have an urge to do something…
This story defines Art House Mediaworks…Three four people with no money, what they had was just their talent and the urge to do something. In the morning they were the marketing people, in the afternoon they were the sales person and in the night they were the designers. After playing so many roles they emerged with such a nice company and collected gems in their baggage as artist.
This is what Art House media works!!!